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Brand image / Graphic design

Sacha & Genevieve

Like ketchup and fries, our talented graphic designers team works in perfect harmony to create the most attractive concepts for your adventure.

Custom made

  • Custom made
  • $ 85
    • Our graphic designers fight tooth and nail to create the image of your dreams


  • Logo
  • $ 495
    • Presentation of different models
    • Document identifying key points and creative motivations
    • Editable file
    • Color and size variations available on request
    • Discount on buisness cards. Contact us for more informations

Brand image

  • Brand image
  • $ 1295
    • Creation of a graphic cherter and a corporate branding
    • Design of a logo
    • Montage of a graphic charter including fonts, color palettes, forms and images of inspiration
    • Design of an outside poster for display
    • File preparation for flyers, uniforms, stickers
    • Free of right files
    • And more!

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